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Hey everyone.

Gee it has gotten quiet over here, hey?  Well your friendly mod (one of two!) is back... so I hope we can get this going again...

I have just started the Bodytrim program as of yesterday.  I am currently in phase 1 which is a 3 day detox.

It's day 2 for me of only eating protein - yikes!  I feel good though, besides a little headache.  One of my biggest baddest habits (or non-habits!) was drinking enough water.  I was lucky if I would drink a whole glass in a day!  Yesterday I finished 2Ltr's and today I'm about half way.... so many toilet visits!

Once tomorrow is over I start phase 2 which introduces unlimited veg with meals and an optional slice of bread or fruit with breakfast.  

For those of you that have tried or are on Tony Ferguson, this is quite similar except you don't have the shakes... I loved TF when I was on it, but after sticking to it for about 5 or 6 months I had a baaaaaaad "fall-off-the-wagon" moment and was never able to get back on.

The difference with BT for me, makes the difference. Instead of shakes you have real food for your protein intake...... and I'm so so so happy about the free day I get once a week. YIPPEE!!!  It means I can replace 2 meals out of my day, once a week.  This makes me extremely happy and will definitely make my weigh loss goals a lot easier to reach.

Ask any questions if you like...

Otherwise that's it for me!  I hope some of you start posting again.

Spread the word! :)

no one reads or updates anymore

I live in London now.
My last post in here I was 84.6kgs or something.
After that I surged up to 94.6kgs.

I had never been that fat in my entire life.

3 months later my relationship of 3 years ended (Feb 08).
Literally the day after the weight started to FALL off.

Yes, going through a big life change can stop one eating via depression like I hinted to in my last post.
BUT this time it was different.
Because now it's AUGUST and I am 77.6kgs!


I only ate so much because I wasn't getting what I emotionally and physically needed in my relationship.
I ate to fill the hole inside.

We all do it.
We just don't always realise.

I am making this post for the people out there that may be doing the same thing and don't realise.

Believe me I know how you can stop eating because you are too devastasted. Simple.

BUT now I know what it is to eat to fulfill what I wasn't getting from someone I loved.

It's not worth it, sticking around in a relationship that truly does not REALLY give you EVERYTHING you deserve.

So as a heads up to the fatties stuck in relationships that are 'comfy' but not really 'excellent' - look in the mirror, ask yourself 'Am I really happy?'

Best of luck to all you green stringers!

believe me, losing 17kgs since late November has been the reality of returning back to me.
No one else.
No compromises, no eating what they're eating, no cooking for someone without thanks. Just looking after me.
And mate, it is EASY.
and I am more than happy, I look amazing and feel amazing.


ok, here's an update

I have been up and down in the being good/bad with things but this is the good stuff:

I have been riding to work everyday,
it's about a 30 minute ride return with a few slight hills that get me pumping to get up them.

I went for my first swim in 2 and a half years last night, straight after my ride home.

When I was in the pool I couldn't believe it had taken me that long to get back in the pool,
a bloody disgrace - and I tell you it was a killer around the 10th lap, my arms were ripping in protest - but I kept going and it soon passed, so did the stitch I got. *tragic*

I managed to get 34 laps done, mostly freestyle with a few backstroke (which is my strongest and fastest stroke) and a couple breaststroke (those were really tough even thought they look easy! the way your arms have to scoop all the water with no real kicking power to move you along).

I am proud I got 34 laps done after not being in the pool for so damn long though.
Something about being able to see the other end and knowing that every time you get to the other end it's easily only another 2 to get to the higher number of laps.

The bad of it all has been overeating, portion size too big and eating shitty foods. Despite eating really healthy foods too, I eat everything else as well.

I'm currently 84.5kg - it fluctuates from 82.3kg to 85kg, I am 168cm tall, 28yrs old.
I want to be 60kgs. I was 60kgs in 2003, but that was from depression - it's sooo hard to do it the normal way! bah! But I will!! and so will all of you!

Cheers for now :)

Come on update!

Girls (and boys)

What has happened to the community where did everyone go?

How is the weight loss/healthy lifestyle going?

I fell off the perch when I went overseas but I am slowly gathering momentum back, not as fast as what I was because uni has started again but I am maintaining my weight and was relatively well behaved over Easter. Started a new weights routine as well which involves using the assistded chin up machine, my new favourite machine, so much fun. What is your favourite work out?

I was watching the biggest loser last night (I normally don't) and they were doing push ups with one hand on a med ball as well as a whole lot of other things with a med ball. Medicine balls seem like a great thing you could buy as a once off item that could be incorporated to do a whole body work out at home.
Push ups with one hand on a med ball for your chest & back.
Squats holding the med ball for your legs
Med ball raises for your triceps
Med ball twists for your abs and lower back
Med ball throw for your abs and obliques.

The possibilities are endless I think I am onto something!!

Home Gym v's Commercial Gym

Hi Everyone

I'm currently in the midst of finding a new house and with this leave my current gym and personal trainer due to the location change.

I'm wanting opinions on home gyms v's membership to a gym.

Moving to a bigger house means I now have the room to establish my own gym. Now if I was to set it up I would be purchasing a treadmill, elliptical crosstrainer, a few medicine balls, dumbells, strength training home gym (similar to link). I already have a swiss ball, skipping rope, boxing gloves/focus pads (my partner said he would box with me at least once a week, which I'm doing with my PT)

At the moment I'm currently spending $350 a month on my membership and personal training and at the end of the day I don't own the equipment but I do get alot out of my sessions with my PT.

Friends I have mentioned this idea to say it all good in theory that you buy the equipment but with combining it into the home environment it will be easy not to use it and make excuses why not to workout. But I think it would be more convenient to workout as I don't have to travel 15 mins each way to the gym, (allowing me more time to workout) I have a private change room and shower, I can watch what I want when working out, have my music through stereo speakers and not earphones etc

I also currently don't do any classes at my gym as they haven't fit into my work schedule.

Is there anyone out there who did have a membership and created a home gym how did that work with you fitness goals?
Or is there someone who has gone the opposite way you have the home gym but needed to be in the confines of a commercial gym?
Though who have had personal trainers then gone out on you own, what happened to your training regime?

Thanks in advance all opinions will be appreciated as I want to make an informed decision on my fitness future.

Finally got back on the band wagon...

So tonight after nearly 2 months of not doing any exercise except for the mad sprint to catch a train about to pull out (which I usually got to), I finally made myself go to the gym again.

I felt the need to run. I was just feeling so unbelievably restless.

So after a 5 minute warm up, I stretched all my major muscles. I then walked another 3-5 minutes but increasing the incline. I was also watching the Biggest Loser at the same time which just happened to be on, although switched over some Nickelback when I got bored. In total, I was on the treadmill for 45 minutes (including warm up) and ended up doing 20 minutes of running and the rest was recovery doing walking with a 2% incline.

I am not totally exhausted either, which I'm pleasantly surprised with.

Oh and I totally love that giddy/dizzy feeling of the oxygen rush when I got off the treadmill-I'd forgotten all about that.

I feel so good-I'm so proud of myself.

Fun run in March (Lilydale), here I come!

Feb. 3rd, 2007

hey guys. 

if there's anyone out there like me who's too ashamed of themselves to actually go out in public and exercise i found out that you can actually get a really good work out whilst being on the internet.

good old YouTube has of course come through again.

there are some really good workouts on there of any type you can think of. admittedly a lot of the aerobics ones are mainly used for men to go "uh duuuuuhhhhh..." at but when the comments are ignored they're actually useful. 

check out 15-minute abs workout which had my abs burning with the first exercise..... well i'm pretty unfit but still! 

Aerobics Video #2: Hops, Jumps And Bouncing Breasts (after reading the title please remember the "uh duuuhhh...:" comment i made before...... sigh) its a super slim girl with obsenely strage pigtails jumping around in circles to borderline torturous music, but you can mute it and use your own music and just follow the exercises to a different beat. 

anyway i just found out you could use youtube like this and thought i'd share it with the gang! 

oh! and does anyone have any recommendations for good, fast paced walking music to get you in the mood to exercise?


I rest my case

So, I just had to say....that this past week (including the weekend and a little before that) I havent been drinking that wulong tea much becuase I've just been SOO busy.

And the result?
I have not lost anything this week.
There you go.

Run for the kids

I'm entering run for the kids to raise money for Royal Childrens Hospital on April 1st. I've only recently started running but am tracking great on the Couch to 5k program so 3.4km is totally achievable. I've entered myself into the green bib section which is moderate pace no walking, I run on 8kph on the treadmill at the gym and others I know on the C25k program usually keep it around the 6.5-7kph range so green bib I think will be spot on for me.

Anyone up for the challenge with me?

If your interested in how you could run 5k within 2.5 months with no running experience comment and I will send you through the program. I'm so excited that I have committed myself to something that is going to push my training harder.

Jan. 27th, 2007

today people having been saying i look great and like i've lost weight, which is nice to hear but i cant see if. possibly they're just being nice. 

its my 18th birthday this weekend and i thought that i'd give myself a free reign of food and alcohol and smokes and whatever, you know? let me eat what ever i wanted cos you only turn 18 once right? but i find myself feeling guilty afterwards, wishing i hadn't and i worry about gaining weight alot. 

hopefully i work some of it off at the big day out tomorrow in the pit. anyone else going? 

hope everyone's doing well with resalutions this year! good luck girls!